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I know what a bear it is to research this stuff. I've been in the Adult Education for most of my professional career. I've made it my mission to research this stuff, aggregate it and make is easy for you to find that perfect education online.

The rise of online learning has been a boon and a burden for those of us looking to further our education. On one hand you can earn online degrees from almost any American University from the comfort of your own home. Your choices are no longer limited to what is nearby. On the other hand, you've got 100's of schools, colleges and universities offering a myriad of degrees to research and choose from. Choosing the one can be daunting.

On the menu bar above, I have grouped the degrees you can earn online by Degrees: Associate Degrees; Bachelor; Master Degrees and Doctoral and by Majors: Business; IT; Health Care; and Web. Of course we've got all the names you recognize, like ITT Technical Institute, Keller Graduate School of Management and University of Phoenix. We also have many fine accredited schools (like Baker College Online, and Jacksonville University) that don't have big advertising budgets to get the word out.

If a school and their online degrees look interesting, click the "Request More Info" button. That will take you to that school's request form. Fill that in and a free information package will be on its way. A lot of times a representative from the school may call you too. This is a great service 'cause that's when you can get your lingering questions answered quickly. Hey -- and if you're thinking, "I don't want some pushy sales guy callin' and giving me a hard sell," -- don't. I've talked to many of them while reviewing their offerings. Everyone I talk to is really nice. They are polite courteous and will respect your valuable time!

So let's get started on improving your life, your job, your finances, and your ego. Choose a category that appeals to you and take a look at the schools and their online degrees. Ask'em for more information. It's free. It's easy.

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